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Keynote Speakers

Yan Zhang, Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

She received her Ph.D from Southwest University, China in 2012. She was responsible for the following projects: National Natural Science Foundation; Fund project of humanities and social sciences research planning; Key project of Hubei Education Science Planning, etc. She published more than 30 SCI, SSCI, EI papers, and 8 books. She also has won a number of outstanding achievement award of social science, academic and teaching awards at both provincial and university levels.

Yineng Xiao, Doctor, Advanced Institute of Information Technology, Peking University

Dr. Yineng Xiao, research fellow in Advanced Institute of Information Technology of Peking University. He finished his post-doctoral research in School of Health Humanities of Peking University from 2020 to 2022, and he was the main participant in the research project " Legislative Research on the Regulations on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Beijing", which was grant by Beijing Health Committee. He was also a core research participant in the National Social Science Major Project "Research on Market Reform of Land, Labor, Capital, Technology and Data" (No. 21ZDA049). He obtained his doctoral degree of law from Peking University in 2020. He is a board member of Chinese Law Association on Science and Technology since 2022. He has published several research articles indexed by SCI, SSCI, CPCI and CSSCI. His research interests include intellectual property law, health law, science and technology law. He focuses on the ethical and legal constants of the medical artificial intelligence product development and the autonomous driving algorithm designs.

Jingtao Fu, Professor, Hainan University

Doctoral supervisor, and the vice president of School of Management of Hainan University, Hainan Nanhai expert(youth) and top talent in Hainan Province. Committed to the research of salary administration and performance management, leadership and team construction, corporate governance and enterprise party building. Published more than 20 papers in “Management Review”, “Economic Management”, “Chinese Journal of Management”, “Psychology Research and Behavior Management”, and “Current Psychology” etc. Presided over two general programs of the National Social Science Fund and published two books. Acquired the third prize of Hainan Social Science Outstanding Achievement, the third prize of Hainan Free Trade Port Research Outstanding Achievement, and the first prize of Hainan Province's first professional degree postgraduate teaching case.

Oral Presentation

Sadia Abbas, Membership of “Pakistan Psychological Association” (PPA), Pakistan

Sadia Abbas is a young researcher. She served as trainee clinical psychologist more time and has experience in clinical psychology. Sadia Abbas works for utilization of her expertise and knowledge to serve patients in an empathetic way for their mental health to address psychological problems of the patients in a therapeutic way for their improved well being. She has published more excellent articles in Socio- Economic Planning Sciences, The Journal of Psychology, Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, etc.

Aashiq, Askari Foundation School and College System Baffa Doraha, Pakistan

Aashiq is studying for a PHD in Askari Foundation School and College System Baffa Doraha now. His research interest is educational psychology. He presented research papers at 1st International Conference on Challenges of Education in Pakistan organized by Department of Education. The University of Haripur, (ICCEP, 2019) and International Conference on Educational Management and Planning (EMP2013). And he also published papers on psychology, eg. “Psychological stress of university students in the hardest-hit areas at different stages of the COVID-19 epidemic” and “Attractiveness- related recognition bias captures the memory of the beholder”.

Anam Nazneen Tara, Pakistan

Anam Nazneen Tara obtained Mater of Philosophy in Education in University of Lahore, and M.A in Education in University of Sargodha, Punjab Pakistan. Her research interest is comparative teacher education cognition, learning and assessment education measurement and evaluation, curriculum theories and model, educational leadership and management. She formed and published her research article “Effect of gender discrimination and perceived discrimination on the satisfaction level of working women in education sector” in 20/02/2019. Anam Nazneen Tara was also selected for 4th International Conference in (AIOU) Pakistan and gave a presentation on 3th Research conferences in (BZU) Pakistan.

Irum Zeb, Pakistan

Irum Zeb obtained BS(Education) during 2011-2015 and MS/M PHIL(Education) during 2015-2017 in Department of Education, Hazara University KPK, Pakistan. Her interest is in sociology and educational psychology. She worked as Vic principal in University model public school. She also worked with FAIDA Foundation, and attended “International conference on Syed Ahmed Shaheed” and “Oxford University Press workshop on social study”.

Meng Hu, Ph.D, Jiangxi Normal University

Her research interests are Acupuncture and Tuina, Clinical and basic research of Integrated TCM and Western medicine analgesia, Chinese Medicine, Application of Basic Theory of TCM in Nephropathy research. She has presided over a university level Scientific research project, a provincial Health Commission Scientific research project and a post-doctoral fund Scientific research project. Participants of scientific research projects: 1 project of the National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects of the Provincial Administration of Chinese Medicine, and 1 provincial TCM science and technology project. She has won Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission 2022 China and the Europe (Zhejiang Life Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition) awards.

Zitong Xu, Ph.D, Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2022 Postdoctoral research at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, working on health statistics; development of big health industry, coupled and coordinated development of pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical services. She has published papers in “Contemporary Finance and Economics”, “Frontiers in Public Health”,and participated in major projects of the National Social Science Foundation.

The 3rd International Conference on Public Health and Hygiene(ICPHH2022)